Hello world!

So after years of procrastination I’ve started a blog. I can either let it sit while I try to come up with a good introduction, or I can just start right in like I’ve got a thousand entries under my belt….I think I’ll do the latter, since I might be the only one to read it anyway 🙂

Right now I’m reading Jimmy Nilsson’s book Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns, with examples in C# and .Net. On page 31 he talks about software factories, and says at their heart is domain-specific languages. The trouble, he says, is that you have to be a huge organization with thousands of people to benefit from them, because the overhead is so high.

Depends on your language I guess, since if you’re programming in Lisp it’s standard practice to develop DSLs, even if you’re the only programmer on the project!

Otherwise good book so far. If, like a lot of .Net developers, you’re used to putting a lot of business logic in stored procedures, and you’re curious about the new object-oriented designs people keep talking about, then Nilsson’s your guy, since he used to work the same way you do. OOP people and database people have a way of talking past each other…Nilsson knows both worlds, and he understands the benefits of working directly in the database, which object people sometimes miss.

 As you can see, this is yet another programmer weenie blog.


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